The slickest little PBX this side of Texas

The nex generation nexVTec PBX for small business is a joint effort between nexMatrix Telecom and VTech. You may know VTech as a leading provider of consumer telephones and enterprise class end points, including conference phones and desk sets like the VSP725 and 735. nexMatrix fell in love with the VTech telephones, as did our Affiliates, Partners, and VARS when they were released. Being the first company that was able to see the phones and work with VTech on the provisioning tools, nexMatrix and VTech have formed a bond in the industry. Providing the best in class PBX with input from VTech and an enterprise end-point/telephone that is affordable make the nexVTec PBX the perfect solution for small business, home businesses and even an affordable family PBX.

Explore the features of the new nexVTec PBX and you’ll be amazed at the features and ease of installation!

Home Office

Perfect for a starting business or small home office. More features and functions to help you grow your company while cutting costs on phone bills. When family is off to school and you want to stay in touch, you can give them an extension and talk all you want for free. Add VTech wireless phones and you can place your business extensions all over your home and never miss an important call. Add an extension on your Android or iPhone also! Expand up to 15 extensions with voicemail and call attendants.

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Small Office

Every business uses telephones, but for your small business, selecting an office phone system is even more important. It is the lifeline that connects small business owners with their employees, customers and vendors. A phone system for small business must be reliable and easy to use to keep you connected, no matter the circumstances. However, few companies have the in-house resources to manage and maintain a traditional business phone solution and PBX. That’s why the nexVTec system is perfect for you!

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Branch Office

The nexVtec PBX is perfect for branch offices and interconnecting PBX Systems. You can create a network of systems where dialing phones on remote systems is as easy as dialing local extensions. You can interconnect as many offices as you wish without having to pay thousands of dollars to make it happen. Route calls inbound to a destination on any branched nexVTec PBX, and outbound through the trunks of other systems networked. Branch offices can even take calls when one branch is down. It’s inexpensive but powerful!

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